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Haynesville Shale

Haynesville Shale Play

The Haynesville shale play lies in parts of North Louisiana and East Texas. Is selling all or a part of your mineral rights or royalty rights in the Haynesville shale play a good idea? Nobody can know the answer for years and even decades, so, it's wise to give it careful consideration. The risk of NOT selling is very real. And you can sell part and hang on to part, you don't have to sell of your mineral rights.

One of the areas that mineral rights for land and property are bringing big prices is in the Haynesville shale (Bossier shale) play. In North Louisiana, parts of the following parishes:
  • Caddo parish, LA
  • Bossier parish, LA
  • Red River parish, LA
  • Natchitoches parish, LA
  • Desoto parish, LA
  • Bienville parish, LA
  • Sabine parish, LA
The Haynesville shale play also extends into East Texas:
  • Panola county, TX
  • Shelby county, TX
  • Sabine county, TX
  • San Augustine county, TX
  • Nacogdoches county, TX
So, if you have mineral rights for sale in Caddo Parish, Bossier Parish, Natchitoches Parish, Red River Parish, DeSoto Parish, Bienville Parish or Sabine Parish, Louisiana, or Panola County, Shelby County, Sabine County, San Augustine County or Nacogdoches County, Texas, depending on where your mineral rights are in the parish or county and certain other factors, you just might enjoy a very big payday. Good luck to all Haynesville shale mineral rights owners!
Put a sharp pencil to it!
We have helped a lot of people understand that it can be a very smart move to sell all or part of your mineral rights.

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